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Content Marketing: the Future of Brand Promotion

Content marketing cannot be named just another fashionable trend: it’s a new way of doing business, engaging potential or existing clients, making them interact with your brand and ultimately buy from you. Industry experts are saying that the era of outbound marketing (billboard ads, TV & radio commercials) is irrevocably over and the future belongs to the so-called “inbound” stream. The main reason for this is that people no longer react to overt advertising: most of us have become immune to it. We are blocking everything that sounds and smells commercial. As digital natives, we are used to making our own research and our own choices regarding products or services. It’s harder than ever for advertisers to grab and keep our attention or lure us into spending hard-earned cash.

That’s why content is making headlines in the industry publications. “3 killer tips to improve your writing”, “5 amazing careers you can pursue with an English degree”, “How to promote infographics?” – these topics are all the rage right now. And for a good reason. Most people are living their lives online, chatting with friends, doing jobs, consuming and sharing interesting content. The last part is where marketers come in. Along with journalists or musicians they also can create something remarkable and attention-worthy. The key here is to minimize shameless promotion and maximize value of the information for the end reader. He should be amused, entertained and educated in some way. Today’s marketer is half strategist and half journalist. Of course, the list of the key attributes is much longer. But I think good strategic thinking and ability to write well are the cornerstones of your success. Let’s take a quick look at some other ingredients that make up a perfect content marketer.

Scientific approach

Yes, you read it right – marketer is a scientist in his own way. He makes researches before starting promo campaigns to increase their chances for success. He conducts studies to learn public opinion about the product or service and draws mindful conclusions. Good marketer keeps an eye on the latest developments in his industry. His day-to-day working routine includes never-ending testing. From website design to landing pages: you never know what is really working until you try it and measure effectiveness!

artistic taste one of the attributes of the content marketer

Artistic taste

People should fall in love with your content. Be it articles or pictures you choose to illustrate posts in Facebook – everything is important. Your innate ability to separate beautiful from the ugly and relevant from the trash will help you convert first-time site visitors into brand fans. Even if you are not an artist or designer, you’ve got to develop an understanding of what looks and feels harmonious. Most marketing/PR managers are involved in creating infographics these days. Well-thought-out and visually appealing content can make your story go viral and significantly raise brand awareness.

SEO intuition

Of course, there are narrow specialists who do this for a living. You can always hire one, if the budget allows. With the rise of start-ups, most of which lack capital backing, content marketers transform (at least to some extent) into SEO experts. They tirelessly try to smell their way through the maze of search engine algorithms and improve the overall ranking of the client’s website. They experiment with professional SEO tools and learn definitions such as “do-follow” and “no-follow links”.


Journalistic curiosity

You can’t lack this if you want to succeed in content marketing. What is widely discussed in your niche right now? What type of blog posts will excite your readers and spark their interest in your brand? You need to know the answers to these questions. Develop your own style of writing and read as much as you can – this is where professional wisdom and most of the bright ideas come from. A good grasp of the language will allow you to present your company decently on a variety of channels. Media influencers are often gifted writers – become their colleague and companion!


It might not be obvious, but the outcome of your content marketing campaign will often be tied to relationships. Do you personally know any bloggers or journalists? Fantastic! These people (in most cases) will eagerly assist you in attaining coverage, so keep them close. Are there any successful entrepreneurs in your circle, whose web sites rank well? Ask them to place a backlink to your client’s front page – this will positively influence engine ranking. Finally, don’t forget about colleagues. They may show you the right direction, tell you what’s working and what’s not. A good content marketer works daily with people and for people. He tries on clients’ shoes to get an understanding of their pain points and deep needs. This is how remarkable content is created. With readers in mind.

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One Response to “Content Marketing: the Future of Brand Promotion”

  1. Sarah Hafiz says:

    It’s the first time i visit this website and i must say that your article is really interesting. Thank you for sharing with us your approach of brand content. You’re right, brand content is not only fashionable but a new way to make business and promote its brands. I’am a french brand content manager ( i do apologize if i made some mistakes) and in France, even if the content is really important, compagnies have not yet consider this ” new marketing” of a way to increase income.

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