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Career in PR: What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About It?

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Passionate leader, you always brim with ideas and seek opportunities to showcase natural talents. You thrive in a working environment full of unusual tasks. Mundane PR routine like sending out press releases or updating media database seems daunting. Luckily, you are strong-willed and can force yourself to perform all the necessary daily actions, but will not feel happy or truly fulfilled without a serious challenge. Try yourself in fields like crisis communications, start-up promotion or public speaking – chances are you will succeed and even consider these directions as your PR specializations. You feel great working independently on important projects, and will do whatever it takes to achieve the best possible results. PR manager born under the Aries sign thinks out-of-the-box, is never afraid to test new marketing tools and is confident in his/her ability to solve virtually any problem on earth. This fiery ram will successfully present PR campaign to the client, courageously defend the budget and answer all tricky questions as they arise. Being in a creative yet quite a stressful field try not to take on more projects than you can physically handle. Otherwise you risk gaining an unflattering reputation of a windbag, whose productivity depends on the mood and interest in the delegated tasks may not last long. When adding ideas to the PR plan drafted by your colleague, try to be diplomatic – no criticism or mockery! Present your suggestions in a mild way and be ready to hear alternative point of view.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

For those who mistakenly associate PR with glamour and glitters your career choice might seem illogical. One of the most hardworking, scrupulous signs is expected to follow a more grounded path, where your traditional strengths like reliability or profoundness are sure to be rewarded. Yet, as practitioners, we all know the reality: to succeed in PR one needs to possess a cool head, stamina and plenty of energy to get things done. This is what you have, Taurus. Thanks God, we live in the digital age, when results of our marketing efforts are no longer a mystery and can be easily measured – therefore your industriousness won’t go unnoticed. Most Taureans have an excellent artistic taste allowing them to choose (and then skillfully use) the most appealing visual PR tools. Your obsession with all things beautiful also translates into unique writing style, which is sure to grab attention of any selected target audience. Taurus performs routine and strategic tasks equally well. Projects that require careful planning, successful execution and unbiased evaluation (like complex media campaigns) are sure to spark the bull’s enthusiasm. It must be noted that ideas without proper implementation are useless from your point of view – no matter how quick-witted or charismatic your subordinates may be, they’ll fail to impress you if no real work is done in the end. A generally strong earthy sign, Taurus has some noticeable weaknesses. For instance, you are often reluctant to try fresh approaches out. If the chosen PR strategy brings results, you might not bother adding new components to it. This is dangerous in a super-competitive world that changes rapidly every day. Plus, you almost always feel helpless if things go out of control – master crisis communication techniques to remain calm and productive in every possible situation.


Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

Career in public relations is a perfect choice for active, intelligent Gemini. These people are endowed with a gift of gab, which helps them deliver stellar speeches on stage, make perfect presentations for customers as well as hold unforgettable events for media representatives. True Gemini will increase PR agency’s client base and expand the pool of loyal journalists in no time. Want to enhance internal communications? Ask Twins to take full ownership of this direction – incredibly sociable, Gemini knows how to inspire co-workers. Agile mind and inborn charisma make this sign hugely popular wherever they go. Gemini succeeds in government relations, easily forming ties with key decision makers. Ability to multi-task is another strong suit of this bright personality. Don’t be surprised if the Gemini PR manager initiates several big projects simultaneously, launches his own communications school or starts a blog – chances are he is also taking piano lessons on Sundays! Active lifestyle combined with natural curiosity make Gemini a well-rounded individual, who is always aware of modern PR trends. Teams having such an innovator on board are sure to move with the times. Yet, just like any other human being in our imperfect world, dynamic Gemini has plenty of shortcomings. He may take on three projects at a time, but who says he will ever finish them? Chances are, Twins will simply lose interest in some of the initiatives once implementation begins. Short attention span makes this sign unfit for strenuous intellectual work – don’t make him write lengthy opinion pieces or public speeches for you. Although he is sure to come up with some brilliant initial ideas, it’s better to delegate the actual writing to someone else.


Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Due to his caring nature, Cancer is always happy to help people. That is why he never ignores media requests, supports new outlets with genuine enthusiasm and gives interviews on topics which do not necessarily serve direct business purposes of his organization. This people-oriented approach brings amazing results: when Cancer has something important to say, he will easily find journalists who are eager to return the favor. With such a PR manager on board, any company is sure to have its voice in the noisy media space. Cancer understands what drives his colleagues, is very well aware of their true intentions – this comes from careful analysis of co-workers’ daily behaviour. Being an astute psychologist, the Crab will write a perfectly tailored speech for his boss or become a trusted ghost writer for all representatives of senior management. This water sign has vivid imagination, and never lacks words or ideas. Due to his interest in HR, Cancer is capable of devising brilliant internal communications strategies, which reduce staff turnover as well as foster trustful relationships between executives and employees. The Crab takes his responsibilities seriously – you will never catch him watching movie trailers while at the office. Cancer knows PR job inside out, never misses deadlines and comes to meetings well-prepared. If this type of person happens to lead the department, he treats it as one big family, loving everyone equally and lending a helping hand whenever needed. The drawback of Cancer individuality is total inability to take risks. When faced with a PR problem, he will go with the tried and true methods to solve it, overlooking extravagant ideas which could be way more effective. That is why Cancer is unlikely to ever present his own case study from the stage of a conference hall – no trendsetters here.


Leo (July 23 – August 23)

In most horoscopes Leo is described as a domineering sign that craves constant attention. We all know public relations is rarely about you. In 98 out of 100 cases it’s rather about your employer: be it a pharma company or a famous politician. If this is true, then why so many Lions choose to pursue career in PR? Several sound reasons explain the phenomenon. Firstly, Leo is a talented communicator. Being able to deliver inspiring public speeches, write amazing scripts, draft persuasive blog posts makes him a hero at the workplace. Thanks to these abilities, the King of the jungle stands out from the crowd and gets recognition from colleagues. His friends always know who in reality composes those witty quotes for The Financial Times. Secondly, Lion appreciates an opportunity to influence public opinion through powerful messages. This way he is able to reach (and impress) a lot of people without actually being a star. Thirdly, representatives of the sun sign understand the importance of publicity (it leads to fame, results in bigger profits). They genuinely believe in what they do. Leo will educate his boss on the subject of PR, inspire him (or her) to be more active. Then he’ll prepare a comprehensive promotion plan and will keep a close eye on how it’s being implemented. Last but not least, Lions love dynamic nature of the job. PR keeps them busy day and night – there is never a dull moment! King of the jungle revels in challenges, is fond of difficult tasks – that is why the whole team can count on him in times of crisis. On the minus side, it’s always painful for Leo to hear criticism. Whether we are talking about edits to the article or denial to hold a press conference – such things are sure to raise his hackles. Leo has to grow a thick skin to flourish in PR – otherwise he is doomed to continuous suffering. Another risk is that Lion will eventually get bored with making someone else a star. In this case, he’ll use all gained knowledge to build a strong personal brand.


Virgo (August 24 – September 23)

Before Virgo accepts job offer in PR he needs to know what exactly is expected of him. These people prefer to have a clear direction, predictable scope of work and measurable goals. If Virgo happens to find a suitable job in public relations, he is sure to fall in love with the industry and give it his very best. Meticulous nature of this earthy sign accounts for superior editing skills. No grammar mistake will ever go unnoticed, if Virgo is in charge. These people will gladly spend time fact-checking, replacing plain phrases with colorful idioms as well as adding one or two killer ideas to the text. With a thorough approach like this, drafts after Virgo’s revision are nothing less than perfect. PR managers born between August 24 and September 23 can be trusted with analysis of corporate communications. Virgos are sure to spot reputational risks on time and minimize them through well-thought-out plans. Marketing research is another occupation where this earthy sign shines bright like a diamond: such projects are challenging, require lots of patience, plus can result in real profits for the customer. Virgo may become be a perfect PR Assistant: mundane work doesn’t irritate him, clear orders from superiors make life so much easier! On the other hand, due to their perfectionism, intelligence and unparalleled dedication many Virgos rise to the position of Communications Lead. In this case they tend to be critical of others’ work, revise promo materials multiple times before approval. Virgo will never tolerate poor quality, so make sure you proof-read blog post one more time before sending it to your perfectionist boss. Unfortunately, certain traits let Virgos down. Thoroughness won’t allow these folks to write an official statement quickly – and sometimes timeliness is key to averting crisis. Another minus is that Virgos aren’t particularly fond of new ideas. You will only be given $20 to try that impressive media analytics tool after its practical worth is proven or at least predicted in some way.


Libra (September 24 – October 23)

Libras are known for their extraordinary interpersonal skills, which are a prerequisite for a successful long-term career in PR. Polite and tactful, they are capable of resolving any problematic issue at work – trust Libra with calming down a fussy client or a scandalous journalist. Due to their good-tempered nature, Libras remain diplomatic even in the most difficult situations. These people are outgoing and can often be found at local parties. Let them handle media relations for your organization, and you’ll be surprised with the results! Libra will significantly grow contact base through attending events for journalists, organizing thematic press lunches, chatting with reporters online, sending them beautiful gifts on special occasions. Love of beauty makes representatives of this airy sign hugely successful in promoting cosmetic brands, fashion lines, hair salons or interior design studios. Even when working for a bank or a business association, Libras pay close attention to how corporate website and pages in social media look. They are strong supporters of creative PR tools, such as infographics, whiteboard videos, branded photo albums. Refined Libra believes: well-chosen picture is worth a thousand words! Although PR managers of this type bring a lot of talents to the table, several imperfections stand in the way of their professional success. Firstly, Scales can be somewhat indecisive, especially in time of disaster. So make sure there is someone else on board to deal with crisis communications. Secondly, Libra is determined to live in harmony and will try to avoid any type of stress (last-minute tasks at the end of the day, business-related calls on weekends or increased workload due to high seasons all make Libra unhappy). Unfortunately for representatives of the air sign, PR is considered one of the most stressful fields to work in and things won’t probably change in the forthcoming years.


Scorpio (October 24 – November 22)

Without a shadow of doubt, Scorpio will make it to the very top of PR career. One of the most ambitious Zodiac signs, Scorpio has an unwavering confidence in his abilities, is used to exhausting daily grind and will do whatever it takes to win respect of important people, whether we talk about key reporters in the country or senior management of the company for which Scorpio works. He performs every given task with dogged determination: from drafting press releases to mapping out complex media campaigns. Even if this person starts as a PR intern, be sure: Scorpio aims for the stars, and will not calm down until he finally lands that coveted position of power within creative department. In pursuit of success, representatives of water sign rely on their hard work and good relationships with superiors. Research is a piece of cake for naturally curious Scorpio. He will gladly spy on competitors, letting you know how many brand mentions they achieved last month, what communication tactics were used by the rival organization and whether they can be named effective. Out of numerous resources available online Scorpio chooses one with the main focus on PR case studies. That’s because he values practical knowledge and doesn’t have time to read every single article on communications-related topic. Likewise, Scorpio PR manager will court only a few selected journalists, who (in his view) really shape public opinion. By deliberately chasing influencers of today, however, the smart water sign overlooks opportunity to forge ties with media stars of tomorrow. It also pays to remember that achievement of career goals is far more important for a Scorpio than professional breakthroughs. That’s why when his boss makes an irrational PR-related decision, obedient Scorpio employee will not argue for long. He would rather handle impending reputational risks or even witness financial losses of the organization, than ruin promising relationship with the higher-up.


Sagittarius (November 23 – December 22)

PR is a great career choice for naturally curious, intellectual Sagittarians. They love reading books, listening to smart people, exchanging ideas and raising issues for discussion. This makes communication professionals born between November 23 and December 22 great copywriters as well as expressive public speakers. Optimistic Sagittarius resolves PR problems with confidence and smile, never gives up no matter how challenging the task. Well-developed leadership skills allow Sagittarius to consolidate the whole PR team around a common goal, work out actionable plan and achieve desired results. Active Sagittarian inspires others to excel by the courage of his own example. Extreme frankness is another characteristic feature that sets the Archer apart from the crowd. On one hand, this is a huge advantage. Texts, authored by Sagittarius, never fail to strike a chord with the target audience. Articles, blog posts, announcements in social media are always sincere, authentic and therefore capable of evoking strong emotions in readers. On the other hand, Sagittarians can be a bit harsh with colleagues in their everyday lives. They won’t tolerate half-hearted work. Since criticism is part of the game in PR, Archers should learn how to present their comments in a tactful way, otherwise they run the risk of demoralizing entire department. Sagittarius is sure to excel in the following communications-related activities: marketing research, organization of PR team’s work, teaching the art of public relations in business schools or universities. Representatives of this fiery sign are usually very lucky people. That is why they tend to be overconfident and oftentimes take unjustified risks. By applying adventurous PR techniques Sagittarians may cause big reputational problems for the hiring organization.


Capricorn (December 23 – January 20)

Capricorn is temperamentally suited for tasks which require patience and determination. Within communication department, he usually conducts media monitoring, maintains media base as well as prepares periodic PR reports for senior management. Superior organizational skills make representatives of this sign excellent supervisors. They operate within a chosen strategy, use reliable promotion techniques, hire industrious people. PR departments headed by Capricorns are highly disciplined: such teams never miss deadlines or exceed allocated budgets. Communication managers born between December 22 and January 20 rely on content plans in social media marketing, corporate blogging, press release production. Careful planning gives Capricorns peace of mind: they don’t like to improvise and will try to minimize the number of unexpected assignments. The Goat PR manager is an asset for any organization. He has high standards, performs every given task to the best of his ability. These individuals are ready to work hard, but only if there are prospects of rising to the top. So, if you have a Capricorn Intern on board, be sure: he won’t settle for anything less than a chair of PR Director! To make the most of his career in communications, the Goat should eliminate certain weaknesses. Start by becoming less conservative in the way you approach day-to-day tasks. Try out new digital marketing tools, apply techniques used by the world’s most influential brands, learn how competitors are promoting their products or services. Unleash creative potential by sharing writing work with colleagues: everyone knows you are a talented manager, but PR does not end there. A good turn of phrase will expand your career horizons, making you a great fit for a number of other exciting roles within communications industry. Last but not least: try to be more sociable and easygoing. Active lifestyle will immediately translate into the growing number of media mentions for your client!


Aquarius (January 21 – February 18)

The first thing you’ll notice about the Water Bearer is his innovative spirit. Aquarius looks for creative ways to solve PR problems, comes up with original concepts and is always full of ideas. Do you need someone to create a viral video, make up a catchy slogan or design award-winning advertising campaign? Look no further – Aquarian was born for these tasks! To impress you with results, he will go as far as to invent several brand-new PR techniques. Contact Aquarius in case of a marketing emergency – due to inherent original thinking, he will handle crisis situations quickly and effectively. Inquisitive Water Bearer remains on top of his PR career by reading industry magazines, exploring case studies, attending marketing conferences. Representatives of this sign are always on the move, both physically and intellectually. They spend nights drinking cocktails with journalists, chatting with opinion shapers at business networking events. With a PR manager like this you are sure to remain in the spotlight for a long time. Another interesting aspect of Aquarius multi-faceted personality is his appreciation of technology. The Water Bearer can often be found testing analytical tools or playing promotional games – all for the sake of better efficiency at the workplace. Due to their altruistic nature, Aquarians are drawn to communication jobs in the non-profit sector. They will flourish in charity foundations and all types of NGOs. If Aquarius chooses to work for a large multinational company with billion dollar profits, he will spearhead a CSR movement there. By making businesses socially responsible, the Water Bearer reaps significant reputational benefits for his clients. On the minus side, Aquarian can’t stand routine work. Although PR is a creative field, it’s not always about abstract ideas or breakthrough solutions. Regular employee of the promotional department won’t be able to escape mundane tasks like drafting official statements and sending out press releases.


Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

People born under the sign of Pisces are usually very emotional, perceptive and creative. These qualities make them rather good at public relations. Vivid imagination allows Pisceans to stay ahead of the pack when it comes to designing unique advertising campaigns, developing scenarios for viral videos or organizing memorable press lunches. So don’t think badly of your Pisces colleague the next time you catch him daydreaming at the workplace – he is probably contemplating out-of-the-box solutions to address burning PR problems! Pisceans love to acquire knowledge and then share it with others. That’s why many representatives of this sign launch their own PR blogs or give lectures in universities. It’s not unusual for Pisces to work as freelancers and independent consultants, some of them establish brand-new PR agencies, schools. Research-related activities are a piece of cake for individuals born between February 19 and March 20. Such PR managers are great thinkers capable of analyzing, drawing conclusions and proposing effective action plans. Due to their philanthropic nature Pisceans can often be found promoting charity organizations, academic institutions or civil society projects. One of the most attractive features of the Pisces employee is his adaptability to changing situations and new people. He will take orders from the new boss without a murmur, test fresh PR techniques with enthusiasm. True Piscean will keep introducing amendments to feature articles or PowerPoint presentations until everyone in the team is fully satisfied. Agreeable personality of this water sign, however, is far from perfect. For instance, Pisces tend to swim away from stressful situations, therefore they can’t be trusted to deal with crisis communications. Pisceans aren’t fond of cut-throat competition – don’t expect them to win tenders for your PR agency. What’s more, representatives of this sign can be easily demoralized by sharp criticism of their work. Is your Pisces manager down in the dumps? Obviously he just had a talk with the dissatisfied client.

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